Press Release

For Immediate Release
September 1, 2016

Childrens’ Art App Innovators Launch
Interactive Augmented Reality Platform on Microsoft Azure
Team Zero Studio Connects Art and Creative Applications with Microsoft Azure Platform

Markham, Ontario: Team Zero Studio has launched an interactive augmented reality children’s art application through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Little Pad, Little Creator and Little Storybook were created to facilitate creativity in children through drawing and storytelling, and Microsoft Azure provides a platform to connect users of the applications with artwork and video management services. It also allows Team Zero to share features and content between mobile and web applications, as well as to integrate with e-commerce, streamline the printing process, and host contests.

Starting today, and thanks to the worldwide hosting and management of Microsoft Azure, Team Zero Studio will host a series of art and storytelling contests. This creative challenge was designed to facilitate the expression of children’s imagination through drawing, product design and storytelling. On unique dates throughout the year, various art and creativity contests will open, with themes like “Character Design” and “What does your future home look like?” serving as the prompt to get kids excited about exploring their creativity and building their own shareable masterpieces.

“Our passionate team of technology professionals, creative designers, and experienced educators have come together at Team Zero Studio with a common goal: to make it easy for kids of all ages and skill levels to create and share work they can be proud of,” said Hilton Lee, Director. “We combine the advantages of both the traditional and digital creative worlds to present simplified, new-age methods of carrying out the ancient human rite of storytelling. With the help of Microsoft Azure, our start-up is able to reach kids all over the world. In doing so, we help to sharpen little minds everywhere while preparing them for the careers of the future.”

Details of the contest will be posted on the Team Zero Studio website:
( Team Zero is currently seeking sponsors and partners for their various contests, such as art schools and any programs interested in participating. Any organization wishing to get involved should contact: Download Little Pad, Little Creator or Little Storybook to submit entries or follow the contests.

The Team Zero cloud platform is hosted and managed by Microsoft Azure, allowing users to publish their artwork to the cloud through Little Pad, Little Creator and Little Storybook. Microsoft Azure and its associated Azure Storage, Azure Content Delivery Network, and Virtual Machine products make it easy for a startup company like Team Zero Studio to rapidly develop and deploy its products, as well as serve global customers and allow competition entries from around the world.

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